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Key Data for Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 20:45

Item Current Values Today Yesterday
Temperature: 2.0°C rising slowly 0.4°C to 5.5°C -3.1°C to 9.9°C
Humidity: 61% 61% to 97% 46% to 90%
Barometer: 1001.8 hPa rising slowly 986.0 hPa to 1001.9 hPa 983.5 hPa to 987.0 hPa
Wind: 1.7 mph NE
Gusting 7.6 mph NE
25.9 miles wind run E
7.6 mph high at 15:30 E
30.8 miles wind run SW
9.8 mph high at 15:15 NW
Rain Rate: 0.0 mm/hr 3.6 mm/hr high
2.1 mm in 1 hour high
0.0 mm/hr high
0.0 mm in 1 hour high
Rain: 0.0 mm in 1 hour
4.5 mm in 24 hours
4.5 mm storm total
4.5 mm total 0.0 mm total
Time Raining: 14% of total
21% of 8am to 8pm
0% of total
0% of 8am to 8pm
Commentary: The rain has returned today after yesterday's dry day.
Station Forecast: Unavailable
Sun and Moon: Sunrise 07:54.   Sunset 16:40.   Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous.

48 Hour Plots

Temperature Pressure
Humidyit Rainfall
Wind Strength Wind Vectors

Records Set

TypeRecord Details
All Time
Yesterday made the following entries in the all time daily record rankings:
   Min Average Temp - A value of 2.4°C ranked 15 in the records.
   Min Low Temp - A value of -3.1°C ranked 2 in the records.
   Max Heating Required - A value of 15.9°C days ranked 15 in the records.
   Min Low Pressure - A value of 983.5 hPa ranked 25 in the records.
   Min High Pressure - A value of 987.0 hPa ranked 6 in the records.
Yesterday made 17 entries in the 2015 daily record rankings.
Click here for details of the records that today would make based on the measurements received so far.

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